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Saturday Upsides–Kitchen Mistake turns into Positive Partaking of Peach Preserves


My former English teacher would be jumping for joy at the title of this post.  😉

Well, I spent some time this week preserving a case of peaches. Peach preserves in light syrup are my husband’s favourite pick, and they come in a close second to my favourite–pear preserves.

Peaches in hot water, to make skin easier to remove.

All was going pretty well according to plan, except it was going too slowly. Too many peaches to peel quickly, too many things happening all at once in the kitchen. Ultimately, I ended up having my last batch of jars of preserve come out of the hot water bath too early. How do I know this?  The happy little “ping” sound of metal lids creating their vacuum seal just didn’t happen. Even crossing my fingers that it would happen overnight in the cooling process didn’t work.


So much effort, and now I had two quarts of peach preserves that couldn’t be stored for the winter.

Because I had spent so much time and effort preserving them, I was frustrated. But then our two Chinese girls who are staying with us (attending university) came into the kitchen and oohed and aahed at the jars. They asked lots of questions about how to make preserves, and kept saying how beautiful they looked. We ended up opening one jar and sharing big bowls of peach preserves right then and there–yum.

Sure, I knew that the contents would be good for a few weeks if stored in the fridge. My feelings of frustration were more about the amount of time and effort put into food storage that was supposed to be for winter.

What was the “upside”? Instead of having to wait a few months, I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with our two girls, and learned how much they love peaches and pears (and get them very rarely in China). Love it.

Which only makes me want to preserve more peaches and pears…for more conversations like the one I had this week with them!  🙂

Happy Saturday–and keep finding the positives! Join Bonnie and others by writing Saturday Upsides posts each Saturday!


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Upsides–Kitchen Mistake turns into Positive Partaking of Peach Preserves

  1. This is so good!
    I know, that sound of jars sealing can be a dangerous waiting game! I’m glad it turned into an upside. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!


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