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Saturday Upsides – Getting Older


Growing older makes you think. Or should I say, think more. New aches and pains, new allergies, roots not matching original hair colour (grin). There’s so much about getting older that could make you start to forget the upsides…of being older.

Why am I so contemplative today? It’s my hubby’s birthday, and I am celebrating it with him. He says he feels old(er). Probably because we’ve both had more regular trips to the doctor, we’ve both been trying to make regular trips to the gym, and we’ve both had a lot of job stress in the past few years. Could set one on a course of moping for the day, right?

Not so. We have both been blessed with four decades of life, one of those decades spent together. We have wonderful jobs and coworkers (despite the stress). We are enjoying a lifestyle that we have worked incredibly hard for…and continue to work hard for it. And through all that, neither of us would turn back the clock to relive or change a portion of our lives. Our experiences brought us together, move us forward, and provide us with such a foundation of experience that life is more enjoyable because of it.

Hubby is another year older today. That’s officially the case, but in reality each day brings new opportunities for new memories. I am thankful for those opportunities, and thankful I continue to have them with Hubby. Happy birthday, my Love!


Want to join Bonnie at Recipes Happen and the rest of us blogging Saturday Upsides? Just blog about something that could’ve been not-so-good but turned into a positive/upside and send your link to Bonnie!


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Upsides – Getting Older

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    • Susan, thanks for reading and commenting! I keep reading your posts too, but haven’t yet figured out how to get my iPad to cooperate and make the comment section work on your blog site (having trouble with the login, it won’t show my keyboard to let me log in!). I will figure it out soon!

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