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The Connecticut Tragedy

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Some of you know that I have more than one blog. This Preservings blog focuses on the art(s) of cooking, baking, crochet, quilting, soap-making, gardening, … all things that my ancestors had skills in that I hope to grow in myself. This blog also focuses on preserving memories – of my family, of myself, for my family, for myself.

My other blog, “Joy of Education“, started because it was tied to a course I am finishing for my M.Ed. degree. Though it started because of coursework, I knew that it too would in a sense “preserve” my identity as an educator and my thoughts on education.

Though it may not seem appropriate (to some people) for my “Saturday Upside” to be tied to the current social media storm surrounding the Connecticut school tragedy, I do believe that my recent post on the tragedy – and the Joy of Education – is one that can tie in to the concept of finding “upsides”. It is by no means a trite attempt at finding the positive in the CT tragedy, it is not an attempt at finding any positives there. It is a sharing of my own thoughts regarding joy, education, and life itself.

I share the link to this post with respect for those who lost their lives Friday morning (may they Rest In Peace), with hope for the future, and with hopeful joy of things to come.



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