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Saturday Upside…Change Creates Butterflies


Yesterday was my final day of work at Elm Creek School. I have been the principal there since September 2008, and have been very blessed to work with a wonderful group of teachers, educational assistants, and support staff. The building itself is a kindergarten through grade 12 school with a daycare and nursery school operating out of it, with 30 staff members and almost 200 students. It’s a vibrant place to learn and work, and I had a lot of mixed feelings yesterday while walking through the building. I enjoyed watching the continued Christmas activities of the students, with afternoon movies and games and skating. I very much enjoyed the annual delicious and lovingly prepared Christmas banquet for the high school, a full-meal-deal served at the church nearby: turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, caesar salad, buns, butter, dozens of different desserts, coffee, tea, juice, water, and incredibly enjoyable company.

Elm Creek School

One of my colleagues gave me a bookmark which stated “without change there would be no butterfies”. Though I may be feeling the loss of a wonderful workplace, colleagues, students, parents, and community, changing to a new position in a different division offers new opportunities. Change is good.

Our school’s theme this year is “Seize the Day”, with four sub-themes encouraged of everyone: to Play, to Choose Our Attitude, to Be There, and to Make each other’s Day. Though I may not be continuing my school year with Elm Creek, I will continue to “seize the day” and enjoy the change that comes with it.

Thank you, Elm Creek, for a wonderful time these past (almost) five years!


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Upside…Change Creates Butterflies

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