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Saturday Upside – Cleaning House

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I don’t tend to be one of those people who make New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, take time during my holidays (which are two weeks during the Christmas and New Year because I’m an educator and we always have those two weeks break) to reflect on the past year, the past portion of the school year completed, and to contemplate what the new year will bring. This year, we were lucky enough to be able to travel to Cancun Mexico for one week of rest, relaxation, and contemplation time.


I begin a new position on Monday. Contemplating the past year and the past portion of the school year completed, I know I am leaving a wonderful group of people behind. Looking ahead to what the new year will bring, I will be looking forward to a few things….

Because my new position is closer to home, I will have more time for family. My previous position, though one I dearly loved and one I wish I lived closer to, kept me away from home many evenings. It also involved almost an hour of commuting (one way). Just the addition of almost two hours to my home time because of less commuting will bring precious connection time for me and my husband in particular.

Because my new position is so close to home, I will have the opportunity to walk (1/2 hour) or bike (10 minutes) to work. How’s that for healthy living added in? That is something I am looking forward to, since I previously used my commuting time for contemplation and mental preparation rather than physical activity.

Because my new position is so close to home, I will have more time to invite people to our home – something we had in mind when we purchased our home in the first place. Our home is one we chose because it has so much space for entertaining, and this past week I have already been getting into the entertaining mood by having four nights of gatherings. I know this will be something I will continue to look forward to, as I love to host people and love to make and share food with guests. (Have you noticed that many of my postings are recipes?!)

The biggest upside I am looking forward to will probably sound strange – cleaning house. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of cleaning cupboards (spring cleaning), getting to the baseboards (dusting), and polishing woodwork. This is something both physical (exercise!) as well as visually satisfying for me.

I love that I will continue to connect with my colleagues from my previous job through social media and other get-togethers. I am looking forward to the reshuffling of how I use my time with my new job.

Happy New Year! and happy house cleaning! 🙂

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