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Saturday Upside – Old Fashioned versus Modern Day

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It’s laundry day today. And I’m sitting here, thinking about my first job I had. When I was fifteen, I started working for a local museum doing dishes. Not a bad job because it was minimum wage, predictable hours, and there was a dependable dishwashing machine that I could use. But, because that job was in a museum which wanted to emphasize demonstrating how things were done “in the old days”, I regularly had my sleeves rolled up and my arms in up to my elbows in hot, soapy water and dirty dishes for all to see as they visited the on-site restaurant.

Once, I got a break from dishes and was asked to work across the way from the restaurant at the preserved log cabin home washing laundry.


My mother grew up having to do laundry like this. A washboard, large tub, hot soapy water, and long hours of scrubbing were the start of her experience. A mangle with two rollers helped press the water out of the clothes, allowing the clothing to dry more quickly.

So as I sit surrounded by my piles of sorted laundry, waiting for my Whirlpool washing machine to finish its cycle, and the dryer to stop its cycle in readiness for the next load, I think “what a wonderful world” that I don’t have to use a washboard and basin. Funny though, I use one at the lake and enjoy it a lot – time to pause, make some tea, and contemplate what is both lost and gained with modernization.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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