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Saturday Upside – When Cleaning Day and Chinese Culture Blend

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It’s Saturday, and that means laundry and house-cleaning day! This Saturday is special, though, because it is New Year’s Eve for our two Chinese girls staying with us. We are ending the Year of the Dragon, and entering the Year of the Snake. As Chinese tradition has it, New Year’s Eve is a time to ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned your home of all dust, dirt, … anything from the previous year can’t be left behind to enter the new year.


Tradition also has it that the New Year is celebrated with gifts, food, fresh flowers and plants in the home, and wearing a new outfit to ring in the New Year.

We’re not Chinese. We have, however, hosted many Chinese students who have come to Canada to study English, and then to continue their education after learning English. We very much enjoy participating in their celebrations. Today, the upside of New Year’s Eve is that my girls put in extra time and help to mop floors, clean dishes, and dust furniture – more so than they usually do. And I went out of my way to purchase some lucky bamboo.


So, whether you are Chinese or not, may this New Year of the Snake bring you health, fortune, and luck!

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