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Saturday Upside – More Closet Cleaning Treasures


I’ve written before about how Saturday cleaning time has helped me rediscover hidden treasures.

Today, I will share three more pictures of the gorgeous embroidery that my grandmother (Dad’s mother) did. All of this is still on old flour bags cut into tea towels. And again, all patterns were pictures in Grandma’s head, spilled out onto cloth in beautiful stitchery. In a set of seven fruit-themed tea towels, I ended up with three:



All tea towels in the set had central multiple-fruit embroidery, surrounded by single fruits and a scalloped black edge on the bottom for framing.



My favourite of the three I have are the strawberries. The French knots are so incredibly tiny, and perfectly placed, to represent the seeds.



These tea towels, and the tea towels in my other post, were all done by my grandmother in the late 1970s. I am taking them all to a framing shop this week to preserve them!

Love finding forgotten treasures – the upside to Saturday cleaning!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Upside – More Closet Cleaning Treasures

  1. Blossom ends of the oranges are incredible, aren’t they? Let me know where you’re getting them framed. The place to which I took mine, sadly, went out of business after sustaining major water damage.

  2. Such a treasure! I love these.

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