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Dirt Under my Fingernails


We finally hit double digits, and the snow has melted. Though our sun room isn’t warm enough overnight for my sprouts, I did take some time today to transplant the beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil and thyme.

Beefsteak tomato plants

Beefsteak tomato plants

Sweet basil

Sweet basil

Peppery thyme

Peppery thyme

Dirt under my fingernails again. It’s been a long time. This is what makes me happy.


Author: tjthiessen

explorer, administrator, consultant, student, leader

2 thoughts on “Dirt Under my Fingernails

  1. Agreed. Dirt is a very good thing! That thyme looks fantastic! Di you start it from seeds? Way to go!

    • Hi Lauren! I started all the plants from seeds. The thyme would make great pepper-flavoured sprouts in a sandwich right now, but I want them to grow to plant proportions so I can just pick fresh sprigs for cooking. That will be a couple of months til then!

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