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Butter… Lots of Butter(Cream) and Cupcakes


I’m experimenting with some cupcake and cookie recipes for my mother’s upcoming 80th birthday. Also experimenting with decorating. The cupcake decorating experiments today went marvellously thanks to Wilton tips #125 and 102, and a marvellous buttercream recipe. For now, I will reveal some of the cupcake pictures. Much of the experiment is still under wraps, to be revealed in August during birthday month. Suffice to say that an edible bouquet will be the end result.





Author: tjthiessen

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4 thoughts on “Butter… Lots of Butter(Cream) and Cupcakes

  1. I love the one with the small petals, looks pretty 🙂

    • Thanks! This was my first ever use of buttercream icing. I found out quickly that petals lose their shape if you don’t keep the icing chilled. So my petals ended up collapsing or flattening before I took the picture. Round Two of cupcakes will look much better! 🙂

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  3. These look great! They’re so delicate and pretty 🙂

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