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Fall – Fruit Flies Be Gone!

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In our house, the fall harvest of fruit and vegetables is a wonderful time. There’s nothing better than fresh garden produce. With the harvest, though, we typically have an unwelcome “bonus” – fruit flies.

I finally tried a method for ridding the house of fruit flies that I’ve seen on Pinterest for ages: apple cider vinegar plus a couple of drops of dish detergent in an open glass.

I’ve regularly used a glass of red wine sitting overnight, which worked but took days to rid the house of all the fruit flies.

I can now confidently say that the cider vinegar and detergent solution is easy, FAST, and much more successful than red wine.


In 6 hours, all fruit flies found their way to this glass. Detergent breaks surface tension, so when the flies try to land on the fruity liquid, they begin to sink quickly.

For fall fruit fly invasions, I will always use this method in the future!


Author: tjthiessen

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