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Back to Basics – the Stir Fry

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We grew up in a family that knew where every penny was going, and there wasn’t much wiggle room. When it came to meal planning, my parents knew how to stretch a meal and still make it filling and tasty. Both my parents cooked, but when it came to my dad’s turn to cook suppers he had a tried and true stand by – the stir fry. Take some protein, some veggies, some sauce, and some rice – simmer for a good half hour or so, and you have a meal.

Frozen peas and carrots were a go to for stir fries – cheap but good – as were mushrooms, providing some substance and flavour.

Want something sweet and sour? Add pineapple bits and some cooking vinegar. Want something spicy? Add some Tabasco sauce. Creamy? Add a can of cream of (something) soup.

This stir fry has peas, carrots, mushrooms, sausage, rice, and cream of mushroom soup. Back to basics – quick, simple, good.


One more variation I made tonight: ground turkey, chopped green onion, mushrooms, carrots, honey garlic sauce, and rice.


Do you have a favourite stir fry recipe? What’s your go to tried and true dinner recipe?


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