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A Chinese Christmas

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We are currently hosting three girls from China, all of whom are taking English classes at a nearby university. Tonight, we spent time together decorating our Christmas tree.

The lights go on first....

The lights go on first….

Conversation was so much fun, with me trying to explain the meaning behind our ornaments:
1. A guitar, to represent my father (who passed away years ago, but loved to play the guitar);
2. A Bethlehem star, to represent the Star in the East from the story of the birth of Christ;
3. A pair of mittens, to represent my husband’s hard-working uncle (who passed away two months after my father did);
4. Two little churches, to represent our faith.

This year, we have a different tree topper. We have usually had an angel at the top of the tree. This year, we have a large red and gold ribbon (in many loops), which the girls gave to us. The red and gold colours represent luck and health, they say.


The girls call it our Chinese Christmas tree. They love the red and gold ornaments. I like that they like it, and that they shared their culture with us.


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