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A Day of Kindness, A Day of Action

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Joy of Education

Today, Newtown asks us to perform random acts of kindness.
I’m asking you to read what’s below, and do more than just an act of kindness. Manitoba’s children are living in abject poverty and deplorable conditions. Write your member of Legislature, donate to a food bank, and act now. Our children’s futures are at stake.

“Despite a small dip in the past year, the use of food banks in Manitoba remains sky high, and the percentage of children relying on them is the highest in Canada.”

“Close to 45 per cent of users in Manitoba were children, well above the Canadian average of 36.4 per cent,” and the highest in Canada.

“In Brandon, where she works, 24 per cent of all food-bank users are working people — double the national rate.”


“Food Banks Canada called on governments to invest in affordable housing, better income supports and to “increase…

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