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Chasing the Winnipeg Chill


Scarves. Over 200 of them. Hand made, and free for the taking at Old Market Square in Winnipeg.

Chase the Chill is an annual event, and one that brings a smile to many in early December wintery weather.

For an awesome writeup on the event, go here.
To follow them on Facebook, go here.
To join the fun, start knitting or crocheting or saving up scarves for next year!



Saturday Upsides – Helping Those in Need and Learning a New Skill

This is another Saturday Upsides post, where I join Bonnie at Recipes Happen and blog about finding the positive in a situation.

Well, it’s definitely fall weather because we’ve had our first snowstorm (snow’s melted away) and we’re in single-digit figures for overnight temperatures. I’ve pickled and preserved my heart out over the past three months. I will still make the occasional batch of jam or jelly or refrigerator pickles over winter, however now I turn to crafty things. Specifically–crochet. My father’s mother (my grandmother) was known for her skill with all things needle-related, be it needlepoint, crochet, sewing, you name it she made it…and it was gorgeous. I will have to create a blog post to display pictures of some of the tea towels she filled with needlepoint pictures of birds…without patterns…just creating them out of her mind as she stitched. But that’s for another time.

I am unsure how much of those skills are genetic, and even more unsure how much of those genetics have been passed on to me. I have never crocheted before in my life. As an elementary school student, I learned (briefly) to knit, to do some cross-stitch, and to sew basic hems. I promptly forgot it all because I never used those skills except to get a sewing credit in high school (thinking foolishly it would be an easy credit…oh the weeping I did at home to pass that course!).

Well, I decided this spring to learn to crochet. Partly because I wish I were as skilled as my grandmother (may she Rest in Peace), partly to help out a good local cause, Chase the Chill in Winnipeg (the link is their Facebook page):

One of the tags attached to the scarves for Chase the Chill 2011 in Winnipeg.

Chase The Chill started “across the pond”, with Susan Huxley’s group (click here to go to their Facebook page).

Anyway, March 2012 was when I picked up a crochet hook for the first time. It did not go well. In fact, I got frustrated and put the hook down for a good six weeks before looking at a ball of yarn again.

Then I picked up a book–“Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet”.

This is what I needed! A picture book to learn how to crochet! Well, I flipped through that book and I followed the pictures and practiced my chain (ch) and single crochet (sc) stitches. I followed instructions and finally…in July…I finished my first ever crochet project!

My first crochet project ever–a single crochet stitched scarf.

This is me.  🙂

This is me learning to crochet.  😦

This is me finally completing my first crochet project.  😀