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Lots of #canning, #preserving, and #troubleshooting today!

Tomorrow I will spend some time blogging about my chat with my mom today, and how “I am my father’s daughter” when it comes to apricots. But that’s going to have to wait, because today was a very long day of canning, preserving, blanching, and freezing.

Proof of my exploits are below:

4 quarts of dills, 7 pints of beets, 2 bags of blanched green beans, 2 bags of blanched yellow beans, 2 bags of rhubarb, 3 bags of sour cherries (only one of them pitted…so time consuming!)

The above took me all morning, all afternoon, and an hour after supper. But I didn’t stop there, oh no! Had to get some fruit preserves (not just frozen) into the mix. So for the first time ever, I raw packed apricots (halved and pitted) into light syrup.

6 pints of halved and pitted apricots, raw packed in light syrup. Not sure if they’ll seal properly, it’s my first time raw packing fruit…


While I was canning my beets, I noticed that after they came out of the canner all the jars had this cloudy film all over the glass:

Cloudy film coating the pint jars after processing

No, it’s not because they’re hot and it will disappear when it cools. No, it’s not because they’re not sterilized or cleaned. It’s either my canner starting to age and the metal reacting with the minerals in our tap water (leaving a filmy calcified deposit on the glass), or there were more minerals in the tap water today than other days.

No worries…the cloudy film easily wipes off to reveal the pretty preserves beneath!

A quick rub with a damp towel, and the processed beets are revealed!

As you must realize from the top two pictures, I have a lot to talk about–blanching, freezing, pitting fruits (is it really worth it or not?). But that, my friends, will wait for more blog posts starting tomorrow. It’s been a long and successful day of canning, and I’m tired! More blogging tomorrow after a good night’s rest!