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Saturday Upsides – Random Acts of #Kindness

My city was highlighted in a recent Huffington Post article about how our residents are “paying it forward“. All sorts of Random Acts of Kindness were featured, and that got me thinking. This week has been busy, stressful, the usual gettting-caught-up-in-work-and-life and not pausing too much. But lately I’ve been gravitating towards sites like the “official” Random Acts of Kindness website, blog posts where people celebrated birthdays by performing RAKs, posts where people analyze reactions to RAKs, and news items which feature RAKs after stressful events such as Hurricane Sandy.

We need more RAKs. Regularly. Daily. Yes, it’s about the person performing the act “feeling happy” doing it. Yes, it’s about helping others so they hopefully “feel happy” doing it. RAKs need to be part of my daily intentional routine, with me internalizing which acts are RAKs that I already do automatically–like picking up garbage I see on the ground and putting it into the nearest refuse container.

I have a friend who, when using a public washroom, always leaves it cleaner than how it was when she entered. It’s her regular, internalized RAK that she knows very few people are willing to do. And it’s those kinds of acts that can help us shift our thinking back to one of “automatically helping” rather than being “automatically suspicious” of people who want to help.

My Saturday Upside this week is one that I am trying to intentionally remind myself of daily–performing RAKs so they become no longer random (and potentially forgotten), but intentional and part of my daily routine. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Wonderful Wednesday: #Health, #Happiness, and Middle-Aged Meanderings

Well, I missed my usual “Saturday Upsides” post this past weekend. Bonnie from Recipes Happen started the trend, and I joined in after I read a couple of her posts. Life got busy this past weekend, and add some health problems and a trip to the doctor and the blog entry just disappeared from my to-do list.  😦 

Well, it’s Wednesday. So consider this my “Saturday Upsides” post…but since it’s Wednesday I guess I need to call it “Wonderful Wednesday” instead.

I mentioned a trip to the doctor. Middle age is apparently beginning for me (according to my doctory anyway), so the doctor had a string of things that needed to be checked out, including a possible strange-looking mole, my list of allergies and reactions to substances probably getting bigger, and the “usual” middle-age routine checklist of bloodwork, stress test, poking, prodding, and cholesterol analysis.

My “upside”, or “wonderful”  part for this Wednesday, is that the only two things my doctor came back to me with were an increase in my list of what I’m allergic to, and the comment that it’s job stress that’s causing it.  Hey, it could have been a lot worse right? So on this wonderful Wednesday I am thankful. Thankful for relatively good health. Thankful for having a job that can cause me stress  (better than no job!). Thankful for the opportunity and ability to make food and environment choices that will be proactive and preventive when it comes to my allergies (some people can’t make those choices because they are not given those choices).



So my “Saturday Upside” might be late…but it’s still wonderful on Wednesday.  🙂

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