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Memories of Summer in a Hearty Soup


Summer borscht. It’s a simple, hearty soup that I definitely didn’t like growing up but love to make and eat on these cold -30C nights. The greens in it are sorrel – easily flash frozen in summer to use for winter soup. The sorrel provides a bitter tang. Farmer sausage provides protein and saltiness. Russet potatoes, cubed, round off the hearty soup.

This, plus freshly baked buns and butter, are what make winter nights bearable. 🙂



Saturday Upside – After the Storm, Comfort Food

The past two Saturdays have had our area see a lot of snow, wind, and very cold temperatures. That, plus a bout of stomach flu, has me inspired to dig up tried and true comfort food. Time for soup and pie…

Homemade green bean soup with farmer sausage.

Homemade green bean soup with farmer sausage.

Oh the decadence of syrupy good saskatoon pie!

Oh the decadence of syrupy good saskatoon pie!

Now if only I could get rid of the flu so I could enjoy the meal! At least my two dogs are more cuddly out of sympathy for me and my illness.

What are your tried and true comfort foods in the wintertime?

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So Many #FreshVeggies, Must Make #Soup!

When I was growing up, my father did a lot of the cooking. My mother did too, but a lot of it was done by Dad.  A favourite meal on rainy days was soup and bread (with butter, of course!)

Homemade green bean soup with farmer sausage.

There’s so much wonderful produce that’s available right now in Manitoba–fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, yumm!  I purchased a lot of goodies from a wonderful greenhouse in Headingley a couple of weeks ago, and this tempted me to hope for a rainy summer day to make soup soon.

So much good fresh fruit and veggies! Potatoes, green beans, yellow beans, carrots, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, sour cherries…

We’ve been having wonderful summer weather, with a lot of warm summer days. So hoping for a rainy day was good for the farmers as well as for my craving for a soup and bread meal! My wish was granted, and soon I was chopping up some veggies for one of my favourite soups I grew up on: “green bean soup”.

Carrots, Potatoes, Green Beans, Yellow Beans

The recipe is one that’s so easy (any soup is easy, really!), and it’s definitely a comfort food.

Green Bean Soup

Cut up equal amounts of:   potatoes, carrots, green beans, yellow beans

Throw in pot with some ham or sausage (anything that’s salty pork, to add flavour and protein). The salt in the meat will add flavour to the soup (I never add salt to my soups, always do it through the other ingredients.)

Spices for this soup include ground black pepper and summer savory. It’s preferable to have fresh summer savory, or at least dried savory leaves, rather than the ground dried summer savory. It just adds better flavour.

Homemade green bean soup with farmer sausage.

Soup is done when vegetables are soft and meat is cooked.

This soup–any soup–is better on the second day since it allows the flavours to combine longer and the potatoes turn the broth into a more creamy than clear broth.

This goes so well with some French bread or a baguette and soft butter.  Mmmm!